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Work spaces and facilities

There are many ways workplaces can use the work environment to encourage people to stand up and get more active.

Sit less

  • Move chairs out of meeting rooms or stack them at one end so sitting isn't the default option.
  • Make stairwells more attractive so staff are more likely to use them.
  • Display Sit less, move more resources in break rooms, working areas and by the stairs.
  • Consider installing a standing-height table in a meeting room or break room.
  • Support staff who would like alternatives to chairs, such as Swiss balls or standing desks.
  • Provide headsets that allow workers to move about during long phone calls.
  • Site water coolers away from work areas so people have to get up and walk to them.
  • Centralise rubbish or recycling bins so people have to walk to them.
  • Keep public transport travel cards at reception for staff to use – this will also save on taxi fares and promote physical activity.
  • Keep wet weather gear at reception so people can still walk or bike even when it’s raining.

Move more

  • Provide showers, changing areas and lockers at work so staff can walk/run/cycle to work and/or be physically active during the day.
  • Provide bike racks that are lockable, convenient and accessible.
  • Invest in bikes or scooters for people to ride to local meetings.
  • Got room (and budget) for a gym? Provide one on site.
  • Set up a basketball hoop or table tennis area to be used in break times.


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