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How you work and lead

This is the area businesses can have the most impact in encouraging their people to sit less and move more. Here are some ideas to encourage people to sit less and move more.

Sit less

  • Set up reminders via email or on-screen pop-ups to prompt staff to get up, stretch and/or take a microbreak, and walk to talk to co-workers instead of emailing.
  • Allow staff to have standing meetings and encourage them to do so.
  • At the beginning of meetings say standing up is encouraged, and make an agenda item asking people to stand and stretch, and/or build in activity breaks during meetings of more than one hour.
  • Give staff the flexibility to have walking meetings – particularly good for small, informal meetings.
  • Make regular communications to staff about the health benefits of sitting less. See the Sit Less Move More Guide's key messages for communication ideas.

Move more

  • Encourage active ways to get to work, and/or establish a walk or cycle to work day/month.
  • Give staff the flexibility to be active during the work day. 
  • Help set up a running or walking group.
  • Choose physically active work functions – go to parks, bowling clubs, paint ball, rock climbing, organise amazing race challenges.
  • Encourage and/or sponsor work sports teams.
  • As an organisation, get behind local or national physical activity initiatives, such as walk or bike to work days, fun runs, pedometer challenges, walking or stair challenges, etc. (Branded team t-shirts are also a good way to advertise your business.)

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