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Ideas and advice

Mental wellbeing

It’s good business to support employees’ mental wellbeing at and away from work.

Supporting mental wellbeing doesn't have to be hard or uncomfortable. There are many simple actions you can take to create good mental wellbeing in your workplace. 

Aim to choose the actions where you can have the most influence – how you work and lead, and the work spaces and facilities you provide.


Organisational practices for a mentally healthy workplace

Because we spend a large part of our day at work, how our work is organised and the environment we work in has a big impact on our mental wellbeing.

Ways to create good mental wellbeing at work

Along with creating healthy organisational practices, workplaces are perfectly positioned to provide health messages and opportunities to people.

Managing mental health problems at work

It’s hard to see people in distress, but many effective responses don't need extreme intervention. In other words, sometimes small actions make a big difference.

Create a mental wellbeing policy and action plan

An effective workplace mental wellbeing policy demonstrates a commitment to promoting and monitoring mental health at work, and shows employees their workplace cares for their wellbeing.

Effectively communicate your mental wellbeing policy

For a mental wellbeing policy to work it must be communicated well. And good mental wellbeing practices must be role modelled, starting with the managers at the very top.

Who can support you to create mental wellbeing

Find out who can help you support your people's mental wellbeing at work.

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