Ideas and advice


Take action create an appropriate workplace culture around alcohol.

Drinking alcohol is often involved in work social functions, meals and outings to celebrate team and individual  successes, or informal after-work gatherings. Alcohol can also be used to try to manage work-related issues, such as stress.

Aim to choose the actions where you can have the most influence – how you work and lead, and the work spaces and facilities you provide.

Plan your alcohol approach

Good planning is the key to success. An effective approach to alcohol in the workplace is tailored to the specific conditions, needs and resources of your workplace.

Create an effective alcohol policy

A policy puts in writing the rules and expectations around alcohol. It also sets out planned actions to prevent or reduce the impact of alcohol on the workplace and its people.

Communicate your alcohol policy

Communication and education helps shift attitudes and behaviours related to drinking. This must start in the early stages of policy implementation and must be ongoing, as one-off communications aren’t enough.

Train key staff

Effective training will help key staff understand the importance of their role and enable them to actively contribute to an alcohol programme's success.

Help those who need help

Access to counselling and treatment services enable people with alcohol-related problems to be rehabilitated so should be included in a comprehensive approach to preventing and managing alcohol-related harm.

Be a responsible host

If you do choose to serve alcohol at work events you must be a responsible host. That’s about helping people enjoy themselves and staying safe while drinking alcohol.

Effectively monitor and test

There are many legal and ethical issues surrounding alcohol testing at work. Testing can only be effective if it’s part of a comprehensive alcohol focus that includes support for people who need help for their drinking.

How you work and lead

Get ideas and advice on how you work and lead on alcohol. This is the area where employers can make the most impact to reduce the effects of harmful drinking.

Work spaces and facilities

Get ideas and advice on how you can create a workplace environment that can reduce harmful drinking.

Supporting individuals

Get ideas and advice on how you can support people who may have harmful drinking patterns.

Who can support you to reduce harmful drinking

Find out who can help you support your people to reduce alcohol-related harm.

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