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Facts and information

Mental wellbeing

Mental health is best understood simply as our state of mind. We all have mental health, across a spectrum from poor to excellent.

Our mental wellbeing affects our ability to do our jobs, maintain healthy relationships and cope with stress or anger.

Organisations that support good mental wellbeing generally have happier people, a more positive workplace and, ultimately, a healthier business. 

Mental health and mental illness

Most people experience a mix of good and poor mental health over the course of their lives. Sometimes we're flourishing and sometimes languishing - and some will be diagnosed with a mental illness.

Coping with COVID-19

No business is the same because of COVID-19, and few of us are either. As we protect our business and our physical health, we must remember to also protect our mental health.

Mental health in New Zealand

Like physical health problems, mental health problems are very common. In fact, nearly half of us will meet the criteria for a mental illness diagnosis at some stage during our lives.

Creating positive work environments

A sustainable organisation has a positive work environment that supports people to be physically and psychologically healthy.

Promoting mentally healthy behaviours

There are many ways to promote mental wellbeing at work. It starts with creating a workplace culture where your people work as a team, and feel valued and supported.

The business benefits of good mental health

Organisations that make the effort to increase mental health in their workplaces can enjoy significant benefits for their people and their businesses.

Employers' legal responsibilities

Organisations have legal responsibilities to ensure their workplaces don't harm employees' mental health.

Preventing stress, fatigue and bullying

Workplaces can contribute to negative stresses and other psychological harm experienced by employees. They can also do a lot to prevent such harm.

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