Facts and information


There are many consequences from drinking too much alcohol. Employers have legal, social and financial reasons to support workers to drink responsibly.

Harmful drinking and alcohol dependence affect people's lives and the lives of those around them.

These negative consequences include decreasing workplace performance and safety, and an increased risk of health conditions, hospital admissions, road accidents, assaults and death.

Who's drinking and how much

Most New Zealanders drink alcohol in moderation. However, there's a reasonably large number of us who drink more than is good for our mental and physical health.

Defining problem drinking

Problem drinking in a workplace context means any drinking that impacts negatively on the workplace - even if it happens outside work hours and away from work.

How alcohol affects the workplace

Problem drinking can impact on workplace safety, productivity and employee wellbeing, and even on a business’ reputation and its customers.

Employers’ legal responsibilities

New Zealand employers are required by law to take steps to protect employees and others from hazards at work, including the effect of alcohol.

What affects people's drinking?

A range of factors, both inside and outside the workplace, contribute to why and how people drink and how they’re affected.

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