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Daylight saving has arrived so get SunSmart

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Daylight Saving has begun, so it's officially time to get SunSmart.

More people die in New Zealand from skin cancer each year than die on our roads. Most skin cancers are caused by harmful exposure to ultra-violet (UV) radiation from the sun's rays, so we all need to be SunSmart, especially during Daylight Saving months when UV rates are higher.

Outdoor workers are 10 times more at risk of developing skin cancer, so if you have people who work outside, now’s the time to get planning.That means using sun protection (Slip, slop, slap, wrap) when we’re working outdoors.

Wellplace has a new SunSmart Resource available for you to use. It includes an updated infographic showing the impact skin cancer has on New Zealanders and a new "check your skin" guide.

For more information about how to spot melanoma, download an "A – G guide" from Melanoma NZ. Also see - and share - this short animated video from the Cancer Society showing how to apply sunscreen correctly. 

There are many myths about sun safety, and these new resources for outdoor workers bust those myths. In short, you can get sunburned on a cloudy or cooler day, and people with tanned or darker skin can still get skin cancer so everyone needs to be SunSmart. 

If your workers mostly work indoors, it's still good practice to encourage and remind them to be SunSmart when they head outside to take a break, walk to a meeting, or get some lunchtime exercise.

Learn more SunSmart facts and ways to take action to reduce your team's sun exposure and educate them to be smart in the sun.

See more SunSmart resources, including information about checking your skin for signs of cancer and articles you can adapt and use in your workplace communications.

Download, print, laminate and each day update this Sun Protection Alert board with your area's daily UV reading, and put it up at your workplace where people will see it. 

Also consider encouraging your people to download NIWA's UVNZ app, which shows the current UV index level, its peak value, and its progression throughout the day. Read how the Port of Tauranga took steps to get its people more SunSmart, starting with adding the Sun Protection Alert to its website, so its people – many who work outdoors – knew just when to be extra careful.

Remember, sunburn can do a lot more than just sting, so stay SunSmart.


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